Banks 470 Dinghy Sails


Choose from two designs. Cut from 3.8 Polykote the HM for the Proctor Ellipson/Superspar M2 or the FLEX design for Needlespar or Superspar M7. Both are very fast when set up correctly.

The Banks 470 Tuning Guide accompanies all new sails leaving the loft to help you take the guesswork out of your rig setting.

Light Jib

Our HM6 design is internationally proven and has been used to win 470 events at all levels. The design provides the power that the 470 needs, whilst it is cut to suit the 470 rig exactly. Cut from Contender Polykote - HM6 type design.


Our E type design is of medium full spherical construction and is well proven in 470 circles. It offers an excellent all weather performance. Close reaching is a strong point but even so it retains a large projected area when working downwind.

It is also one of the easiest spinnakers to use and still get top performance in any level of competition. Cut from Contender Superkote - E type design.

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Banks 470 Dinghy Covers

470 dinghy: Banks Sails

Flat top covers

Easy to fit and can be used with the mast up or down. The main halyard attachment webbing ring helps the cover to shed water.

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470 dinghy: Banks Sails

Over boom covers

For the ultimate in weather proofing, the over boom style ensures that water will not collect in the cover and allows air to circulate.

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470 dinghy: Banks Sails

Trailing covers

Trailing covers are top covers without openings for masts and shrouds. They reduce drag considerably when towing.

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470 dinghy: Banks Sails

Under covers

Undercovers protect the hull of the boat from knocks and scratches, particularly when trailing. Our undercovers are handmade from quality nylon.

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470 Data Sheet

470 Class

The 470 (Four-Seventy) is a double-handed monohull planing dinghy with a centreboard, Bermuda rig, and centre sheeting. Equipped with a spinnaker, trapeze and a large sail-area-to-weight ratio, it is designed to plane easily, and good teamwork necessary to sail it well. The name comes from the overall length of the boat in centimetres (i.e., the boat is 4.70 metres long).

The 470 is a popular class with both individuals and sailing schools, offering a good introduction to high-performance boats without being excessively difficult to handle, but it is not a boat designed for beginners. Its smaller sister, the 420, is a stepping stone to the 470.

The 470 is a World Sailing International Class and has been an Olympic class since the 1976 games.

DesignerAndré Cornu
Crew2 (single trapeze)
Draft150 mm (5.9 in)
970 mm (3 ft 2 in)
Hull weight 120 kg (260 lb)
LOA 4,700 mm (15 ft 5 in)
LWL 4,400 mm (14 ft 5 in)
Beam 1,690 mm (5 ft 7 in)
Mainsail area 9.12 msup>2 (98.2 sq ft)
Jib/genoa area 3.58 m2 (38.5 sq ft)
Spinnaker area 13 m2 (140 sq ft)
D-PN 86.3
RYA PN 973
Current Olympic Class

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About Company

Banks Sails was founded because of the demand for dinghy and small keelboat sails designed by Bruce Banks and later by Ken Rose. They quickly established a reputation as an innovative supplier of top quality dinghy and small keelboat sails.

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